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Class List

The following is a list of the scheduled classes in the near future.

I have a very flexable schedule. If you need a class, other than the dates listed, call me and we will work out a time that suits your needs. If you have 3-5 friends that want the class as well, I can hold the class at your home or business, and you will receive 10% off for hosting the class.  Private instuction is available for $250.00 for 8 hours. 

Classroom location will be discussed when you call for reservation


  • CCW permit classes
  • Call to Schedule your Training
  • Basic Class
    1. Firearm(s) (safe & serviceable)
    2. Minimum 100 rounds ammo for each including 50 rds of your defensive CARRY/DUTY  AMMUNITION
    3. Eye & hearing protection


    Prerequsites: Valid Concealed Carry Permit (Nevada Permit)

    1. Firearm(s) (safe & serviceable)
    2. Minimum 100 rounds ammo for each (50 carry/duty ammunition) Renewal . ADVANCED CLASS  300 rounds, 50 duty/carry defensive ammunition
    3. Eye & hearing protection
    4. Holster
    5. Minimum of  2 extra magazines or speed loaders w/pouches

    For the advanced class you will be firing from numerous positions, including from on the ground so wear comfortable clothing. Long pants and long sleeved shirt are advised, but not required.

    What you will learn:

    • Tactical target engagement
    • Shoot/noshoot drills
    • Use of cover & concealment
    • Timed stress shooting
    • Malfunction clearance procedures
    • Close quarters engagement
    • Tactical / Speed reloading techniques
    • Shooting on the move/Shooting while moving
    • Use, deployment, and avoidance of pepper spray

    Those wanting basic training in the use of the X26 and M26   TASER (Brand name Registered Trademark of TASER International), may do so for an additional $100.00 (to cover supplies) in either the advanced or basic class. The Taser class is an additional 6 hours of instruction.




    Advanced Pistol/Concealed Carry Training

     Will be held in soon. Class is limited to 4 students. The course objectives and outline will be posted very soon. The cost for the 2 days is $350.00.

    To register now for the class, Call me as soon as possible to Scedule the class.

    Thanks, Ken.